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Land Rover Range Rover Sport Overview

Thinking different ways and means of spending lots of money can make us travel to oblivion. Personally, a chateau in France with basking greenery in front tops my list for a very simple reason. They are too classy to be mundane… much like our latest acquisition, the new Range Rover Sport.

While we were jotting down our fantasy list of exotic toys to own, this one name came up leaving us in a state of impressed. It has been some good time since Land Rover first flew it to India. Gorgeous looks with a mean stance, heart of a monster and soul of an angel and everything good except for one small doubt. Why haven’t we driven it yet? A quick request and they got it intentionally delivered to an unknown locationIt costs as much as a house and comes loaded with equipment and comforts of a Jetliner. Oh Yeah, it also does 0 to 100 km/h in 7.2 seconds. Should you cancel that big investment and instead get this? We tell you in our review.Check for Car Loan at Fincarz.

Land Rover Range Rover Sport Exteriors

The new Range Rover Sport has evolved and gone from appealing to drop dead gorgeous. While retaining the classy boxy design elements of the old model, the new Sport draws heavy inspiration from its other Range Rover siblings, the standard Range Rover and the Evoque. The result is a sporty looking SUV with high attention to detail like the puddle lamps on the rear view mirrors which project ‘Range Rover’ on the road, the headlights which resemble a high performance camera lens (light throw is fantastic, illuminating the complete road in the darkest of circumstances), the air vents which are neatly placed on either side of the hood, the high belt line which evokes muscularity and the lights which flow onto the sides of the car.

View the new Range Rover Sport from the side and you will immediately notice it’s more compact than its elder sibling. After all, the Sport isn’t much bigger than its predecessor when it comes to exterior dimensions and is 149 mm shorter than the standard Rangie. This SUV features well sculpted corners and a sloping roof (with the choice of 3 contrast colours) amplifying the sporty credentials of the vehicle. Undoubtedly the car looks very streamlined and is an instant attraction on our roads, just everyone skips a beat when they see this beauty in motion. The clamshell bonnet and side fender vents are signature Range Rover cues while the short overhangs and wide 20-inch tyres give the car a very dynamic stance (up to 22-inch wheels available as option).

Land Rover Range Rover Sport Interiors

The interior might be slightly revised for 2017, but Land Rover is apparently keeping things a secret until a later date. No photos were included in the press materials. Still, we’ve got a pretty good idea of how the Range Rover Sport’s interior will look thanks to this spy photo above.

The dash now holds JLR’s new 10.2-inch touch screen infotainment system. It no longer uses hard-key buttons, but has integrated these functions into soft keys within the graphic interface. Land Rover says this gives the dash a cleaner look without impacting functionality.

Beyond the new infotainment system’s size and lack of hard buttons, the software is new as well. It also incorporates some new geeky tech sure to make Range Rover buyers happy. These include a bevy of new driver aid systems and safety features. Let’s dive into them below. Check for Range Rover Sport in Bpas

Land Rover Range Rover Sport Engine

Land Rover has equipped Range Rover Sport with a power train that enables it to not only offer a smooth ride but also take a lead over others passing by. The diesel and petrol version of the car have been powered by the mills available in automobile world at present. The diesel trim of the SUV is powered by a 3.0-litre TDV6 HSE mill. The NVH level of the engine are refined to the highest level and even if you are driving at a high speed of 120kmph the only thing you realize is a slight gush of wind and sweet humming of engine. The diesel power mill of Range Rover Sport is capable of churning 289PS against a maximum torque of 600Nm. The engine mates with an equally capable automatic 8-speed ZF transmission that delivers the output to its four wheels.

The petrol version on the other hand is powered by a 5-litre supercharged V8 engine that carries an ability to generate power worth 504PS along with a maximum torque of 625Nm. The engine just like the diesel one coordinates with the very same 8-speed ZF transmission gearbox.

Land Rover Range Rover Sport has been blessed with engines that excel in delivering class leading performance along with best-in-class mileage figures. The diesel version of the SUV is said to deliver a mileage of 14.7kmpl over highways and 9.0kmpl over city roads. The petrol guise of the same gives 8kmpl over urban roads and 10kmpl over freeways. The fuel tank capacity of 80-litres thus enables it cover a minimum distance of 1176kms in single tank fill over highways and 720kms over city roads, needless to say quite a suitable vehicle for longer journeys. The petrol version, on the other hand, promises to cover a minimum distance of 640kms over city roads and 800kms over highways. All you need to do is just fill it up and pack your bag for new adventures.

The powerful engines of the car render it with a potential to perform above all its contemporaries. The car can easily skip from 0kmph to 100kmph speed mark within 5.3seconds with V8 petrol engine while its diesel engine allows it catch 100kmph speed mark in 7.2 seconds. The car’s stability over all speed marks is looked after by its strong suspension system. The super latest terrain response system comes with an automatic dynamic response feature that allows the car with an independent control over rear and front axles. The handling section is taken care by continuous variable dampers that balance the car in all kind of terrains. The control over the car is maintained by a particular system that monitor’s its movement for over 500timed/second.

Land Rover Range Rover Sport Driving

For a huge, heavy seven-seat SUV, the composure with which the RRS goes down a twisty road is nothing short of baffling. In the old Sport, you always felt you were fighting the car’s sheer mass, but not now. In dynamic mode, there’s not a whisper of roll nor suggestion of understeer. In the SVR, it’s nothing short of extraordinary. There’s lots of clever stuff here: subtle braking of the inside wheel, centre and rear differentials, and an adaptive dynamic system that monitors and responds to its sensor readings 500 times per second. But the cleverest bit of all is that you don’t feel all the cleverness doing its stuff, only relentless traction and a frenzied desire to deposit all its power on the road. Take it easy, however, and the Sport proves to be a fabulous long-distance loper, quiet and refined even at autobahn speeds.

Land Rover Range Rover Sport Safety

The 2017 Land Rover Range Rover Sport comes standard with antilock disc brakes, traction and stability control, front-seat side airbags and full-length side curtain airbags. Also standard are front and rear parking sensors and a rearview camera. New to the standard safety equipment list this year are adaptive cruise control with automatic emergency braking, blind-spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert, lane departure warning and lane keeping assist.

Other available safety features include a surround-view camera system and a nifty self-parking system that handles both parallel and perpendicular parking scenarios. Its automatic space-exit feature ensures that you won’t pull out in front of passing traffic or nudge the parked cars around you.

Land Rover Range Rover Sport Cost in Mumbai

Land Rover Range Rover Sport On-Road Price in Mumbai ranges from 1,21,04,031 to 2,35,06,621 for variants Range Rover Sport 3.0l Diesel S and Range Rover Sport 5.0l Petrol SVR respectively. Land Rover Range Rover Sport is available in 3 variants and 25 colours. Below are details of Land Rover Range Rover Sport variants price in Mumbai. Check for Range Rover Sport at Mumbai at Carzprice.

Land Rover Range Rover Sport Summing Up

The Range Rover Sport finds a perfect balance between the smaller Evoque and the full-sized Range Rover. It does not look as sporty as the Evoque nor looks too stately like its elder sibling. It is also the quickest of the three and has the best overall performance both On / Off road provided it has the same electronics pack from the Range Rover. And the best part is, it has a starting price of less than Rs 1.10 crore (ex-showroom Mumbai) that makes it a lot more affordable than the Range Rover.

Looking at the competition in this segment is a little difficult; there can’t be any outright winners since most SUVs that cost over a crore will do your bidding in every situation. But each of them has a different personality; like the Toyota Land Cruiser is a Boxer, the Porsche Cayenne is a Samurai, while this one is a Hitman. And this characteristic of the Range Rover Sport works in its advantage in more ways than one– the black tuxedo also lets it mingle with the saloons!


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