Maruti Suzuki Eeco Facelift First Drive Review


Maruti Suzuki Eeco Overview

Maruti is doing what it is best at again, and that is to find a niche and fill it with a model that has an impossible-to-ignore price-tag. At Rs 3.09 lakh for the base five-seater and Rs 3.42 lakh for the top five-seater AC version, the Maruti Eeco is just that, an economical way to transport five or seven (Rs 3.27 lakh for the seven-seat variant) people in comfort. For more details on car loan check Fincarz.

As you might have already guessed, the Eeco is not all-new. It’s a Maruti Versa (remember the Bachchan ads?) with a downsized version of the 1.3-litre G-series engine it came with. This 1.2-litre engine now makes 73bhp but the important thing is, the Eeco with this engine will now meet the new BS IV emission norms that come into effect from April this year.And, having a 1.2-litre engine and being under four metres in length means it qualifies in the Indian government’s eyes as a small car. Which it isn’t ex

Maruti Suzuki Eeco Exteriors

The bonnet has a beak type appearance. This area actually houses the engine, unlike the Omni which had the engine placed below the front seats. Also it tries to take you away from the Van look. The Maruti Eeco gets clear head lamps for better illumination during night drives. From the side its is the same tall, long, matchbox design with sliding doors behind. This makes ingress and egress very convenient. The wheels appear small for a car of this dimension, however it keeps the cost low as well. The rear is flat, typical of a UV. The boot lid opens full and reveals a large loading bay. Along with the headlamps now even the tail lamps are clear.

Maruti Suzuki Eeco Interiors

The van is really spacious. The front seats are imitation A-Star seats but very functional. The display vehicle had a loose drivers seat (bad!) but the test drive vehicle was better put together.More on the test in the test drive.Headroom is still good given that the Versa top has been hacked off. is excellent but three people in the rear seats is an effort. No headrests in the back and integrated ones in the front. Super cost savings but most of the customers will fit them anyways.The feel is a bit on the tinny side but you see how much this costs and think, WTH? The rear seat is a proper bench seat. Nothing like what is seen in the venture.I looked at the 5 seater only , there were no seven -seaters on display.The interiors are a tad better than an omni but that is expected given the evolutions in the market and probably being 4-5 years after the last facelift.Headroom is not an issue and the seats are comfortable for a short drive, well supported but could be a little uncomfortable on long drives. The shaking drivers seat was not a good sign but that can be fixed fast I suppose.I did give them that feedback for their benefit.

The switchgear is standard maruti and parts do look cheap but don’t thankfully feel so (important). The TD vehicle’s AC was pretty functional and seems to have been carried over from the versa (The unit, not the controls). I’m sure I’ve seen the parts used in other Maruti models. Not sure which one . But it makes sense all right from a cost-of-production perspective.The front and the rear seats did’nt have any cubby holes whatsoever. This is so bare-bones it begs for aftermarket fitments.On the whole very very very basic but functional.Quality of parts overall is too basic and even the floor pads felt super el- cheapo.

Maruti Suzuki Eeco Gearbox

Maruti Eeco is powered by latest 1196 cubic capacity K-Series engine which boasts power of 73bhp @ 6000rpm & un-matched torque of 101Nm @ 3000rpm. Eeco is 98 cc lesser than versa & 8 bhp lower in power, but the engine is highly refined & combines a good low & mid speeds with perfect balance of drive ability & mileage.

It’s a perfect city MPV which will be used by many business men for its stunning power and greater service support. Cranking the engine doesn’t make much noise as the older generations and is in fact well refined & silent with no vibrations at lower revolutions. Clutch is pretty hard to press & depress and gearshift is not of top notch quality but thanks to diagonal shift assist feature.

Drive train is good & you feel comfortable inside the cabin at anything below 2300rpm. Once you hit the bar of 2500rpm & above, the engine growls a lot & the main factor “drivability” gets affected. Non – Powered Steering feedback is quite a surprise, at standstill we have nothing to comment but after 20kmph, it becomes lighter resulting easy maneuverability in tight areas, Anything above 90kmph again tends to scary as it over steers!. Check for more info on Maruti Eeco in Bpas

In the long stretches we managed 140kmph in Eeco, Stability is not much to comment about but the car reached 100kmph from 0 in less than 15 seconds which is quite remarkable.A feature we missed most in Eeco was the power steering which is helpful while parking or for high speed stability. This Maruti is well tuned for the 2nd & 3rd gears, whether in hectic traffic or a quarter-mile, you will never go un-noticed.

Following are the acceleration figures from our drive; 1st churns out maximum speed of 38kmph, where as the 2nd gear out performs any car in this segment with a whopping 90kmph & 3rd gear clinches the pole at 130kmph. We managed 140kmph in 4th gear; this was the top speed we could achieve in this car. Due to lack of speed sensitive steering & over steering, it’s really risky to drive anything about 90kmph. Body roll in this segment is in-evitable and Eeco is no wonder here, Once you touch 80kmph with a turn, you can feel heavy body rolls which warns you not to push more.

The tyres of Eeco are puny 155mm R13 spoils the stability at higher speed. Maruti has keenly concentrated on fuel economy and just missed the fun factor in driving. The front suspension comes with McPherson struts with dual rate coil springs & the 3-link rigid system with progressive rate coil springs fits at rear. The coil springs offers bumpy ride on bad roads but ride quality is far better compared to that of leaf springs. Overall the comfort levels are up to the mark for given price. Ground clearance of 160mm can take almost any urban areas with ease and Braking is good overall in city driving but on highways you need extra efforts to stop at the right place. Ventilated Discs makes its way in the front wheels where as the rear is assisted with Drums.

Maruti Suzuki Eeco Driving

Ride quality is on the bouncy side, the Maruti Eeco absorbs most of the bumps easily, the suspension is tuned to carry loads. It would work even better when fully loaded. Most of the people would like to take it for long drives, in that case you can feel some kind of body rolling and pitching but its much better than an Omni, and since the car runs on 13inch rubber, ride quality could improve with larger set of wheels. The car is easily manoeuvrable and responds to sudden direction changes in heavy traffic in spite of the fact that its devoid of power steering.

Maruti Suzuki Eeco Price in Chennai 

Maruti Suzuki Eeco On-Road Price in Chennai ranges from 4,38,592 to 5,56,935 for variants Eeco 5 Seater and Eeco 5 Seater AC CNG respectively. Maruti Suzuki Eeco is available in 4 variants and 5 colours. Below are details of Maruti Suzuki Eeco variants price in Chennai. Check for Maruti Eeco price in Chennai at Carzprice.

Maruti Suzuki Eeco Summing Up

A great product for India’s car-aspirant folks . Safety is a question but Maruti claims they have anti-roll and side impact beams. That’s an improvement on the Omni . Probably carried over from the Versa. Most of the G-series engines good points carried over but not very good at high revs so the car really dosen’t encourage you to go beyond 100 kmph. Excellent VFM if the parts quality, particularly the seats, improve. Not for those looking for any sort of class (in particular, replace the ‘l’ after ‘c’ with ‘r’ and you will get what I mean). I felt the Omni seats were better. Good engine and better-than-average gearbox if the shift quality from 1-2 is worked upon. Good for quick shifters and very good in the city. MILs will be happy riding in this one

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