Why Is The Social Media Analytics Are Important To Business

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Social media has become a standard marketing tool for businesses of all shapes and sizes. There is rarely the question anymore of if you should have social media accounts, but rather how to do it correctly. That said, it’s very important that businesses today understand the significance of social media analytics. Analyzing and measuring the results of your social media marketing efforts is still a relatively new concept for many. Many don’t know where to begin and some don’t even know that they need to measure their results. So let’s take a look at why it’s

Here is why it is important to measure your social media efforts are as follows :

Social Media

Listening is one of the terms most often confused with Social Media Analytics. But Social Listening applies to one specific aspect of Social Analytics: Learning about your audience.The goal here is to uncover what they love, hate, and love to hate – as opposed to any assumptions you may have. It’s about getting to know them as people, not just prospects.For instance, if you want to know what people in Boston have to say about pizza, you can find out using a tool like Vividdigital.in Pro. From there, you can look for additional common ground to create audience segments to make your interactions more personal. For Digital Marketing Agency check here

Social Competitive Analysis

is the process of investigating competitors of your brand and their audience. Because social media is such a transparent medium, Social Analytics Tools can be applied to brands beyond your own.This gives you the advantage of seeing how they serve their customers, what consumers love or hate about them, and what new products or services they’re offering.This information allows you to save the day when things go wrong, or save your own budget by learning from competitors’ mistakes. You’ll also see what your shared audience gets excited about, so you can capitalize on fresh ideas you might never have had yourself.

Social Media Sentiment Analysis

Social Sentiment is the tie-in that applies to all facets of your Social Analytics. Without it, you don’t have any way of gauging why you’ve suddenly got 500K more “likes” or shares than usual. What if an uptick in activity isn’t a good thing? The only way to know is through Sentiment Analysis.This layer of Social Analytics uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand whether social conversations are positive or negative, and to measure the strength of those emotions. This helps you triage responses so you don’t waste energy on posts that don’t matter, while ignoring posts that do.

Social Media Monitoring

Is the second term most often confused for Social Media Analytics. It’s also thought to be synonymous with Social Listening, but the two are very different. Social Monitoring focuses on following social audiences to be alerted to spikes in activity that present either an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss, or a potential disaster you want to avoid. It’s about seeing posts like this in time to respond and avoid a viral crisis:

Image Analytics

Is a new feature made possible by the evolution of Social Analytics technology. Image Analytics levels up text analysis by identifying scenes, facial expressions, geographical locations, brand logos and more in social images. This is especially useful when a brand is pictured, but not called out in social text.As social users become increasingly visual, the ability to perform Image Analytics becomes more of a deal-breaker when researching Social Analytics Tools. SEO Services in London visit Vivid SEO

Customer Experience Analytics

Combines Social Listening insights with Voice of the Customer (VoC) verbatims like surveys, star ratings, net promoter scores, website feedback, chat messages, market research, and data from internal systems like call center, help center, and web support collected via CRM tools.This additional data can be brought into your Social Analytics to give you a comprehensive understanding of your customers across all touchpoints.

The best investment you can make is in Social Analytics Tools that bring all of the above functionality into one place. This gives you a peek behind the curtain – and you’re smart to make it about looking and listening and learning, not pushing your agenda.Think of it as having a VIP ticket to a show – it doesn’t get you on stage singing with the stars unless you build a relationship with them over time. Once they realize you care enough to come to every show you just might get pulled up to join them.This is the best way to inspire engagement between your brand and your audience.

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